Natural Irish Fisherman Sweater

Like most great clothing we admire, Irish Fisherman Knits were born out of pure functionality. Along with their thick knit body, warmth and water repellency provided by the heavy Irish wool, the (unproven) legend goes like this: Fishermen bound for the sea near the Aran Islands to work and provide for their loved ones were often knitted a sweater, much like these, with a unique pattern to symbolize and identify with their family. The beautiful pattern we see and most often associate with these knits also had a more dreadful significance, too. In the event of a fisherman gone overboard at the high seas, the distinctive pattern was used to identify men in the event of drowning. Although this tale has never been proven, the sweaters do still provide us with the most important function and that is undeniable warmth. This hefty Irish wool is 100% virgin Sheep's wool and, often times, can still have a hint of the smell of the farm the Sheep were raised upon. Styling Irish Fisherman Sweaters is simple and similar to our other favorite knits, like Shetland. We often wear them with sport shirts or OCBDs and trousers from wool flannels, worsted or more casual options like corduroy and canvas. Add an Irish Fisherman to your knitwear rotation and add a story to share, too.

Regular Fit - We recommend taking your usual size. For product measurements, see the photos. For more info, send us a note here.

100% Virgin Wool

  • Ribbed Cuff
  • Ribbed Collar
  • Ribbed Hem
  • Set-In Shirt Style Sleeve

Made in Ireland


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