CH4 - Space Pen

When we say we like the products we carry to come straight from the source, we mean everything, not just our clothing. Fisher Space Pen is an American icon that is still made in the USA. A few traits of their pens we like so much is their simple, timeless design with proven functionality. These pens are made to last years and could then someday be passed down to a loved one.

Each CH4 is composed of solid brass with a chrome plate finish and chrome accents, and all are proudly produced in the USA. The CH4 has a modernized appearance and is both thinner & lighter than its predecessor, the AG7. It features a unique dual-action knock mechanism that extends the tip via the knock on the end, with a release button on the side to retract it. This side retract button has a satisfying sound and feel to it, ensuring that you will always remember to retract the point before putting the pen away in a bag or pocket. 

Made in USA

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