Blue Donegal Boot Sock

Founded in 1892 as a sock producer for local coal miners, Corgi produces some of the worlds most comfortable socks using the best natural fibers, all made in the United Kingdom. Corgi is committed to quality and it's heritage, inspired by Wales and it's unique landscape. They are also dedicated to their craftsmanship, whilst keeping the heart of their brand alive in everything they do. We like these socks, specifically made for Junior's, as the perfect mate for an off the clock look with our casual trousers or with your feet kicked up relaxing with a good book. We're not all business, we like to have a little fun too and for that we like a sock with an understated personality to wear with corduroys, moleskin or canvas trousers on the weekends and Corgi does it perfectly with ease.

One Size Fits Most

70%/10%/10%/10% Wool/Cashmere/Silk/Cotton

  • Mid-Calf Length
  • Banded Top

Made in UK