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Brown Chromexcel Belt

Being one of the final pieces we put on each day before heading out the door, belts can often be overlooked and under-appreciated in your wardrobe. Instead, we think belts should be valued and worn with the same discernment as all of the other pieces of clothing we wear.

More notable leathers like Shell Cordovan get a lot of play on the airwaves these days, but to us there's nothing like Horween's Chromexcel leather. The way the leather ages with stretching, scratches and other signs of wear, Chromexcel leather can almost be a substitute for fingerprints in how unique they individually look. The contrast stitching on this belt makes it an ideal candidate for casual and weekend wear. Pair this belt with your denim, chinos and shorts for a final touch to complete any sportswear look.

We recommend sizing up one size from your waist size for a proper fit. Example; If you wear a size 36 trouser, we recommend a size 38 belt.

100% Horween Chromexcel Leather

  • 1 3/8" Width
  • Brushed Brass Buckle
  • Contrast Stitching

Made in USA