Brown Italian Calfskin Slide Wallet

When we had the idea to recreate this slide wallet, we went straight to a leather goods maker in Western New York. After deciding over every detail of this wallet we can truly say that it has been well thought over and well made to ensure it will always look timeless and last maybe beyond your lifetime. Made from an Italian calfskin that will only look better with age and develop a rich luster with a dark patina over time, our slide wallet is a compact and handsome solution compared to bulky alternatives made with less attention to detail. To be even more specific, our wallet is stitched with French linen in a single thread construction and has a 4 stitch-back finish with hand polished edges and USA made hardware meaning that this wallet won't fall apart. And, if it does, we can send it back to the maker to be recrafted just like your favorite goodyear welted shoes. It might seem overkill for a wallet but we mean what we say when we want to provide the best craftsmanship for our friends and clients, even in a wallet.

To see how it works, watch the video by clicking the play button in the image gallery.

100% Italian Calfskin

  • All Handmade and Completely Recraftable
  • Brass Screw Tab Reinforcement
  • 4-Stitch Back Finished Edges
  • French Linen Thread
  • Suede Leather Protection on Tab
  • Hand Polished Edges

Made in USA