Brown Suede O-Ring Belt

Being one of the final pieces we put on each day before heading out the door, belts can often be overlooked and under-appreciated in your wardrobe. Instead, we think belts should be valued and worn with the same discernment as all of the other pieces of clothing we wear.

There's no hiding our love for suede here at Junior's, brown suede to be more specific. Combining the soft suede with one of our favorite styles of buckles, the o-ring, was an opportunity we couldn't pass up. Sure, it can seem like a casual belt to most and that is where its strength lies. However, we love to pair this belt with a pair of dress trousers and a tweed sport coat, denim and a madras sport shirt or even a suit and tie if you're feeling rakish.

We recommend sizing up one size from your waist size for a proper fit. Example; If you wear a size 36 trouser, we recommend a size 38 belt.

100% Suede Leather

  • 1 3/8" Width
  • Brushed Nickel O-Ring Buckle
  • Unlined Tip

Made in USA