Junior’s is a men’s made-to-measure clothier with a shop operating in the Rittenhouse neighborhood of Philadelphia open 5 days a week by walk-in or by appointment. Our foundations are classic American style with influences from Great Britain and Italy. Above all else, we are proponents of a proper and comfortable fit to ensure long lasting garments for building a wardrobe.

Started in February 2020 by Glenn Au, Junior’s is the culmination of 8 years experience in the men’s clothing industry. With stops along the way including O’Connell’s in Glenn’s hometown of Buffalo, New York and most recently at H. Stockton in Atlanta, Georgia, Glenn has learned from the best haberdasheries in the country. Paired with his passionate styling knowledge is Glenn’s focus on building relationships with his clients to intimately learn their preferences to assist them in creating a closet where every item of clothing is worn well.