Blue & White Reverse Stripe Oxford Cloth - Made-to-Order Shirt

Working with our shirtmaker on the East Coast of the United States, we are proud to present our Junior's Made-to-Order dress shirts. While there are dozens of fabric options we could have chosen supplement the line up, it's no surprise we decided to add this classic reverse stripe in pinpoint Oxford cloth. Working with our maker, we were able to develop our collar rooted in classic American style along with 3 fits to please multiple generations of button-down enthusiasts. The Standard Fit is our not too full, nor trim, clean fitting shirt that still has room for comfort while not forgetting its roots. For clients who prefer a fit closer to the body while having a properly styled button-down, we offer our Trim Fit. Lastly, our Full Fit is a nod to how the button-down became great and how some remember the shirt's origins. Our Junior's button-down features a lightly lined & fused collar, 8-button front, box pleat back, single button rounded cuff and a single rounded pocket.

Much like how an button-down shirt is in the foundation of one's wardrobe, they are also in the foundations of our company, Junior's. The button-down shirt doesn't need much of an introduction, but it can have a different story for everyone. We can picture our namesake, Junior, walking into any number of New York City haberdasheries and purchasing yet another, similar but different, OCBD shirt. For someone else it might be their memories of a grandfather or father who routinely wore an OCBD since his days working at the college campus shop. It could even be a meaningful hand-me-down that didn't seem like much at the time of inheritance but now has become your most comfortable shirt. Regardless of how you first interacted with the OCBD, something told you it wouldn't be the last.

See the photos for full sizing specifications of all 3 fits and a guide to measuring a shirt you own for comparison to ours. If you have any questions, feel free to send us a note here. We'd be happy to help.

NOTE: Made-to-Order shirts are semi-custom garments and will take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive. In addition, because the shirts are semi-custom, they are a Final Sale with no returns or exchanges. Please be sure you are ordering the correct sizing and fit.

100% Cotton

  • 3.5" Button-Down Collar or 3.25" Spread Collar
  • Standard Light Lining & Fusing or Unlined & Unfused
  • 8-Button Front
  • Sleeve Forearm Button
  • Placket Front
  • Box Pleat Back on Button-Down
  • Shoulder Pleats on Spread Collar
  • Single Button Round Cuff
  • Rounded Chest Pocket or No Pocket

Made in USA