Navy Denim Button-Down Sport Shirt

In keeping with the theme here at Junior's of favoring cloths and garments meant to stand the test of time while also aging gracefully, it was easy to add a denim shirt to our sport shirt collection this Fall & Winter. Cut on our Junior's Standard Fit pattern, these denim sport shirts have all of the classic details you'd expect from us cut from a classic navy denim. The color settles right in at a sweet spot of not being too dark like indigo nor too light like a warm weather denim. The hand is also soft to start and should feel like a denim shirt you've had for years from the first wearings. Pair these with our seasonal trousers in corduroy or moleskin or with your favorite tweed sport coat.

See the photos for full sizing specifications of the Standard Fit and a guide to measure a shirt you own for comparison to ours. If you have any questions, feel free to send us a note here. We'd be happy to help.

100% Cotton

  • 3.5" Button-Down Collar
  • 8-Button Front
  • Sleeve Forearm Button
  • Placket Front / Box Pleat Back
  • Single Button Round Cuff
  • Rounded Pocket

Made in USA